Decoration informations

Our partners offer one-stop-shop and full service product decoration with a complete range of stock. Mainly located in China, our partner has build a 500'000 m2 stock and decoration facility. With our one-stop-shop solution, takes away all hassle. Our service is unique in the market and we will help to deliver decorated product.

Decoration techniques


Debossing creates an indented image by applying a die to a heat-pressed area.​ 

· 3D look, tone on tone
· Material : leather, paper
· Color : silver or gold

Digital printing

Micro droplets of ink are squirted onto a product to create an image.

· Multi coloured logos
· Unique effect matt or gloss
· CMYK colours

Digital sticker

Excellent print quality and details on paper sticker.

·Different shape
· 4 days lead time
· Small and large size


Doming is used to create a 3D effect of your image by shaping a raised surface beneath the print.

· Water resistance
· Applied to flat surfaces
· CMYK colours


Embroidery is decorating a fabric by stitching thread in a pattern.

· High value look
· Tread colour to martch any logo
· Applicable to cotton and polyester surface

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is debossing with a metallic finish, created by applying foil between the to-be-decorated surface and the dye.

· Unique 3D look
· Suitable for flat surface
· Color : Silver, gold, metal color on request 

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is achieved through using a laser beam to precisely etch decoration into a surface.

· High-class impression
· Unique tone on tone
· Superb result for metal, glass and wood


Pad printing or tampon printing is an indirect offset printing process that involves ink being transferred from an engraved metal plate via a silicone pad onto the product creating the image.

· Maximum of 4 colours


Screen printing or silk screen is a printing method where the image is imposed on a mesh screen with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance. 

· Economic choice
· CMYK colours


Screen round is based on the same method as screen print but the product is turned during the printing process, making this method suitable for curved surfaces.

· Long lasting results
· Sharp and cuved product
· Multi-colour decoration


Premium full colour photorealistic prints, suitable for polyester fabrics 

· Soft, flexible imprint that can even be applied over seams and zips 
· Decoration is resistant to fading and cracking
· Only suitable for white products


Ideal for fabrics, perfect for logos with many colours.

· Allows for extreme detail like small text
· Economical solution for multi colour 
· Maintains integrity of waterproof fabrics